Name Day

the name given to me
is in the tongue of a motherland
that I’ve left behind
so long ago

it calls for me
in the dead of the night
ancient ghosts bearing smashed skulls
don’t forget about us

take a walk through the killing fields
they told me
when the rain comes
our bones get washed out from the ground

my name means safety
and sunrise, blaring August sun
bring your nation out of darkness
don’t let us die voiceless

a kingdom of wonder
mysterious, grand, like
the encompassing forest canopy, desertificated
landmines plague this land now

heed the words you speak
learn from history, your people’s
black deeds
twisted ideologies, blinded revolutionaries

don’t forget the songs of your native tongue
can’t even if I wanted to
compromised safety, negative peace
we can’t go on living like this

bring forth the change
overthrow the government
foreign interference, man-made famine
a square circle



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